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Tocolif is a customer to customer database system that markets users to one another in order to fulfill the desire for service, consumer and durable goods. Tocolif has a modified and reorganized the system for distribution of services and products compared to its competitors.

Tocolif allows users to make their own personal profiles that markets their goods and services within their community. Tocolif also assists in the booking, method of payment and scheduling of completion of sale.


1. Seller has an item or service they aim to sale at a certain time during the day.
2. Seller realizes that with their work schedule and current financial situation it will be tough to market themselves to their local community.
3. User learns about Tocolif and its calendar feature that allows buyers(Users) that wish to book/buy an item or service at the sellers convenience.
4. User downloads Tocolif and registers.
5. Post their item/service with Location and availability.


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